Radar detector – How they work?

radar detector
Speed radar detector (speed gun) is dedicated device of traffic police are widely used not only in USA but also in many other countries. This device can help police know the vehicle is moving with a speed exceeding the allowed or not just one shoot!

If a person regularly move on the highway ramp, you might have seen the speed radar detector. Perhaps this is a gun did not hurt but makes people lose money.

Have you ever wondered how a radar detector record sharp images with accurate speed? This article will summarize the information to answer the question above. How do the best radar detector 2019 work? I am been a lazy to read what “headache”, I’ll try to filter and transmit information back to a most understandable to readers.

Types of radar detector
First, we need to understand the kinds of radar detector and the principle of operation of radar them (Radio Detection and Ranging) and laser pulses.

Until the mid-70s of last century, Police still use X-Band radar guns (frequency 10 535 GHz). But it was rejected because of vulnerability detection and replaced by K-Band in 1976, this device operating frequency from 24.05 – 24.25 GHz. By 1989, the new device is switched to Ka-Band operation at frequencies 33.4 and 36.0 GHz. Then, a type of laser speed guns were introduced.

In fact, the Police will not need to change if the speed gun manufacturers (Radar Detector) not to upgrade their products.
radar detector - How they work

How the radar detectors (speed gun) work?

Radar detector is not a “divine” equipment, it is simply a collection device – radio transmitters. It will make oscillating currents, causing high voltage at a low moment in a fixed frequency, which generates an electronic energy. When the oscillating current, which will distribute energy in space as electromagnetic waves.

Playback devices often have amplifiers to increase the electromagnetic energy and an antenna spread. Meanwhile receivers will collect signals from the antenna and transforms it into electric current.

There are two types of radar: Static and dynamic radar. Static radar needed in a fixed position, be it in the car or with a tripod. Cars installed this type is usually parked at the roadside to catch speeding vehicles moving on the route. Speed guns used in USA in order to ensure traffic safety are mostly static type, can take photos according to the K and Ka band.

The second type is the mobile radar detector, can shoot right speed on a vehicle is moving along with your car. This kind on the US Police patrol cars are equipped. Calculation of the speed of this type have slightly different: mobile radar detector will connect to the system speed measurements on the patrol car then compare the speed obtained, from which to make calculations about the speed of the car was shot.

How far can a radar detector shoot?

The distance that the gun can measure the speed of the moving vehicle depends on the strong or weak microwaves. However, due to serve in the patrol traffic control should merely speed gun operation usually weaker than the military radar systems.

Generally difficult to tell the exact distance which the radar detector can shoot, but we can understand it depends on several factors: The strength of the microwaves and feedback coefficient of the vehicle was shot. Coefficient of feedback depends on the shape and size of the vehicle and if the vehicle was shot with the small size, the coefficient of feedback small, then the distance to the gun can fire pace and get feedback drops.

That is why sometimes speed gun can measure the speed of a truck far from 1 km but can not shoot the speed of a car within 500 m.

Above is some information on the radar detector and how they work. Hoping the article helps you understand more about this product.

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